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Cavapoo For Sale About Us

Cavapoo For Sale About Us

We raise happy, healthy, and adorable Cavapoo puppies. All of our dogs and puppies are raised inside our home, underfoot as part of our family. Our puppies are loved and handled from the minute they are born. They get lots of love and socialization before they go to their forever homes. We breed for health and temperament first and foremost. Cavapoo For Sale About Us.

We have always loved all kinds of animals, but dogs have definitely been a favorite among our family. There is nothing quite like the loyal bond a dog has for their humans. We can’t imagine life without our dogs and puppies. They bring us so much joy and we feel so very blessed to be raising such adorable, sweet puppies.

Cavapoo For Sale About Us
Cavapoo Puppies For Sale About Us

Cavapoo For Sale About Us

We love the whole process of raising puppies in our home. It’s so exciting to watch our puppies be born, and grow into their individual personalities. We love meeting with their new families and being part of the exciting process of matching them with their perfect puppy.

We hope to create a wonderful and exciting experience for our puppy families when they choose one of our puppies. We love getting updates and seeing the joy our puppies bring to their new families!

The Cavapoo is known for their exceptional temperament, making them an ideal family pet or companion for almost anyone. Cavapoos are extremely friendly and sweet. If you want a “little shadow” and a dog that wants to be with you night and day, this is the breed for you! They get along extremely well with children and other animals.

What Makes Us Different

Cavapoo For Sale About Us

We pick only the “best” dogs in health, temperament, and conformation for breeding. All of our parent dogs are DNA health tested through Embark. All of our dogs and puppies are either registered with A.K.C. or C.K.C.

All of our dogs and puppies are our family members and indoor house dogs.

We provide the best quality care for our dogs and puppies.

Puppies are a blessing and we love and care about each and every puppy that comes into our home. We strive to give each of our puppies the best possible start in life, with a lot of love, care, socialization, nutrition, and training (appropriate for their age development).

We feel that “knowing” your puppy before you bring them home and watching them grow during their first eight weeks is important. Because of this we update our puppy families weekly, and as often  as we can with videos, pictures and updates on how your puppy is doing and the milestones he/she has reached.

We strive to provide each of our puppy families with as much information as we can and provide on-going support for our puppy families and their puppies/dogs.

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Cavapoo For Sale About Us, Puppies are intelligent and strive to please their human family. They are very people-oriented, making them a great choice for first time dog owners, as they are adaptable and easy to handle. Because they are so fond of their humans, they can develop separation anxiety when left alone. This is less likely to happen if training starts at puppyhood.