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I couldn’t be more happy with Mr William , he made my sons birthday special, my son have been wanting a puppy for some time now I didn’t know the perfect time to surprise him , so I thought it wise to make his wish come through on his birthday, he was so excited thanks so much.. MR William

Lisa & Max - Washington, DC

Cavapoo For Sale Reviews

Just got our baby girl delivered today from Mr William, we are so happy this is our first time getting a puppy and the experience was so amazing thanks 😊 Mr. William

Monroe - Baltimore, MD

Hello everyone, just got to adopt one of Mr William beautiful babies, my family have been searching for some time now, this is our first pup so I will really appreciate if you guys have any advice for me on how to keep the baby healthy thanks

Melissa - Columbus, OH

Hello everyone, just wanna thank Mr William for letting use have the opportunity of adopting one of his beautiful and adorable babies jake, and I promise, he is gonna have the best and perfect home ever thanks again

Anthony Moore - Sacramento, CA

Cavapoo Puppy For Sale Reviews

Evie is the sweetest, lovable, playful ball of floof my family and I adore. She brings us so much joy each and every day. Evie has a wonderful temperament, was crate trained and sleeps 8+ hrs every night without a peep, and practically potty trained from the day she came home. All thanks to the hard work and dedication Mr. William (and Dave.!) put into their pups. I get nonstop compliments from friends and strangers on the street alike.

I am forever grateful to you guys who gave me the love of my life. They raise their puppies as their own and are just wonderful people. Can’t praise them enough. Highly recommend Cavapoo Planet to anyone looking for a Cavapoo companion..

Austin's Family - Newark, NJ

Toy Cavapoos For Sale Reviews

I highly recommend Cavapoo Planet and Mr. Williams program! They puts their heart and soul into raising healthy, smart and loving puppies. We participated in the premier program and it was a seamless transition from their house to ours.

From the first night we brought our girl home, she puts herself to bed in a crate and sleeps through the night! Our cuddle Cavapoo is loving, playful and independent. She will patiently wait for you to give her attention and enjoys time in her exercise pen as well- the perfect mix of being able to spend time by herself (no separation anxiety) and being with her ‘people’. I credit this training to the way Mr. William raises his puppies.

Our Cavapoo already knows basic commands thanks to the trainers that are also working with the premier puppies. It truly is invaluable to bring home a new puppy that is mostly potty trained, sleeps in a crate and has basic manners. Thanks for everything, Mr. William and the family.

Sherry & Gibbons - Bronx, NY

Toy Cavapoo Puppies Sale Reviews
Cavapoo For Sale

Cavapoo For Sale Reviews

Cavapoo For Sale Reviews

Yes, the Poodle, which is half the Cavapoo, is considered the second most intelligent breed, after the Border Collie. Combine that with the Cavalier King Charles who has a strong desire to please and you get a dog which is very easy to train.

Cavapoo For Sale Reviews, Cavapoo Puppy For Sale Reviews

However, Cavapoos don’t react well to harsh voices, harsh training methods and disharmony. They respond best to positive reinforcement. A calm, soft response to any misbehaviors will get you the results sooner than harsh or extreme reactions.

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